emka energie – CHPs

In the moment we recommend the following engines. They are all very reliable and durable and have a good ratio between CAPEX, OPEX and return.

kW el.engineη el.kW th.displacement
250Scania DC1340.4%27512.7 l
350MAN E326840.0%40717.0 l
530MAN E326440.5%55925.8 l
1063Jenbacher 32040.5%1,13748.6 l
1560MTU 4000 16V43.1%1,74676.4 l
1948MTU 4000 20V43.3%2,17595.3 l

CHP: recommended engines

These engines have the best ratio between CapEx, OpEx and return.

What’s a good CHP

We analysed the capital expendidures (CapEx) for different solutions. They are declining the bigger the engines areSmall engines are very expensive. 

But from a certain point on, the investment costs do not decline any more.

Very important are the operational exenditures (OpEx) for the CHP.
Of course, small engines have relativly high runnings cost. But from a certain point on, the costs are rising once more.

Per produced kW of electricity some engines cause 50% higher cost than others. 

Perfect are solutions in the range of 500 kW

What is the reason for the rising OpEx? A detailed look on the technology provides the answer

The higher the efficiency, the higher are the operational expenditures

Therefore, take a solution with a state of the art efficiency, not with the latest features.